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Written by James Pope

County Team Champs Results and Report * Results Spreadsheet Now properly loaded

The 1st County Team Champs Results and Report, took place 2 weeks ago & has proved to be a resounding success. The full results spreadsheet is online. Click for results here..Read on for a summary of the results...What a fantastic event! Congrats to all winners and thanks to all volunteers, a report of sorts is below, a proper report will follow once several complants are received.

County Team Champs Results and Report – Letchworth Squash & Tennis Club - Saturday 12th September

Full Report Coming Soon...oh look here it is (sort of). Ray Jordan & Joe Magor showed their class, but didn't Lorna See and Dave Sutlieff provide excellent finals. Magor clearly benefited from a hard draw, particularly his first round match against badminton expert Matt Lampard who pushed Magor all the way to erm the squash where he got stuffed lol.

Congratulations to international table tennis player Eli Baraty on a win in table tennis in his first match, more to follow from Baraty I'm sure. Better at singles and also good at tennis, this was a rude awakening for the Herts number 3.

Mark Scott impressed in the Oxfordshire team with a sensational match against home favourite Keith Lesser. The two will no doubt clash again in the future. Scott who clearly benefits from being a part of the Thame centre of excellence, proved a tough cookie, drawing (no gumi!) with Lesser, 12-21, 21-17, 21-14, 19-21. Ray Jordan commented, I thought Keith might nick the squash and Mark the tennis, otherwise the scores are spot on.

A new player - known as Ed B showed his class for Herts B, who ended up beating Herts A for 3rd place, when captain Lesser, the British number two dropped himself to give everyone in the team a singles match. Quoted as to have said "who wants to go to Vienna anyway" and also "Austrians smell". Although Ray Jordan (World Ranked 25) provided his toughest test (Ed winning only! +18! - including 21-4 at tennis and wins at badminton & squash) and at least the new recruit went home with a slight sweat. It will be interesting to see Ed take on the best in the world, would he beat Dickert? No....could he beat some of the other good players, maybe. Would he beat Lesser, definitely not. He probably would have finished 14th in Class B in the English Open, the gap between A and B is huge! Before I get any complaints THIS IS A JOKE. Ed is a good player and would grace any Class A draw. Good luck to Ed in the British Championships a for a Wildcard in Class A, recommended by the English Racketlon Association.

The bottom places saw a great run from Racketlon stalwart Daniel Gillett. With the match between the Essex men (rest of counties as no lady) and Rest of Counties tied after all 16 rubbers (4 sports, 4 matches up to 21). Gillett picked up his tennis racket, his white stiletto's and his 3/4 length shorts and marched onto court. Conducting the gumi toss on the way, he decided to serve. Smashing down a serve in excess of 60 MPH, Gillett rushed to the net, screaming, owwww my foot, Wongy can you carry me? Team mate Rob Wong then sensationally ran onto court and picked up his friend and team mate thrusting the energetic lunger to the net. Gillett then swiped at a sliced backhand with Tim Henman like technique and won the gumi in his best form yet.

Dianne Baker from Cambridge beat great squash players on the way to the final round like Dominique Ford. Lorna See was too strong for Fiona Sime in the final, although Fiona showed improvement on previous tournaments.

More to Follow.....(can someone add some sensible conclusions like it's a growing sport, John Garland is challenging Mick Strode as the best racketlon referee in the world and it's the most friendly and welcoming racketlon facility in the WORLD).

Next event - British Champs - a score each (roughly), all welcome, support the 4th British Closed event and help the sport grow on a regional basis, run a team, join a team, just bl**dy turn up! Ok that will get deleted at some point (perhaps).

Results Summary

1st Kent
2nd Oxfordshire
3rd Hertfordshire B
4th Hertfordshire A
5th Rest A
6th Middlesex
7th Rest C
8th Rest B