UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

National County Team Championships - Update 2 - Thu 10-Sep-2009

The difficulties of accumulating the correct combination of 4 men and 1 lady for a lot of counties has meant that your Events Committee has had to put its creative thinking cap on to arrive at a format for the event which provides play for all those that expressed interest, while keeping to the requirements of the FIR Champions League event that the winners and runners-up will feed into.

With a predominance of male entries, the event will be split into two streams – one for true county-based entries with the correct 4+1 split, and another for male-only squads of 4, with a mix of true single-county teams and hybrid teams in a rest-of-the-UK mode. Only the 4+1 stream will be eligible for FIR Champions League qualification.

Also, given this additional complication, it has been decided that this event will be played for the honour of your county, and that individual ranking points will not accrue into the UK rankings tables. We will consider in the future a way to make team events part of the ranking system but this will be from 2010 onwards at best. Hopefully this flagship tournament will set a base for the future in further regionalising racketlon and creating new communities and hubs of interests.