UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Rankings 01SEP09

The latest 2009 British rankings are out, taking into account results from the English Racketlon Open...

Manners & Lawrence appear uncatchable as this years Number 1's

After excellent performances at the English Open both the current mens & womens  number 1's consolidated their position at the top of the UK rankings.  The new boys of 2009 (Alex Hartley and Carl Jennings) are now both in the top 10 and illustrate how quickly new talent can emerge. They may both challenge Jermaine next year.

Another name to watch is Paul Wallace, he lost by only 1 point to the winner of class B and has previously beaten Alex.  If he plays more often he may also challenge in Class A.

In the Ladies the top 10 is relatively stactic with Jane Cook challenging Natalie for the top spot.  What is encouraging is the increasing number of entrants into each event.  We need to build on this and encourage more ladies to play a number of events.  This year newcomers in Lucy Mullins, Amanda Holmes and Emily Ison are good additions to the tour.

We have also seen strong performances from ladies like Sarah-Jane Perry and Milli Fawcett so again the current number 1 may come under pressure next year.

With his strong points from World events Steve Kneller heads up the Veterans.  In the over 55s Richard Lawrence is the new number 1.

The current rankings include all UK points, they do not include the updated World points for the Welsh and English Open.  These take around a month to be incorporated and a number of people will move as a result of these.

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UK Ranking Officers: Stuart Hobden & Perry Fung