UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope


With the prize entry into the 2010 Champions League in April being held in Vienna (partly funded by the ERA), winners and runners-up will get to take on the best of Europe. Kent, Herts 1 & Herts 2 have already entered squads with Essex, Surrey, Glocs, Nottinghamshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Devon & Cambridgeshire in hot pursuit. Suffolk have unfortunately pulled out, there are spaces for further counties if interest suffices.

Guidelines are below regarding the exciting addition of the first county team Championships to be held at Letchworth (the same venue as the Hertfordshire Open held in Feb) on 12th September (ONE DAY ONLY).

  • Teams will be split by County Regions EG Essex. Some team captains have already been approached and more will be approached. A list of captains has been published. Rakesh Gupta and Niranjan Shimoga are sending lists of players by regions to captains. Players can also contact captains directly to volunteer their services (via the website or facebook). If demand for a specific county (EG Herts) is high a 2nd team could well be appointed.

  • The format will be as per the recent European Club Championships which have taken place. This means teams of four men and one woman. A match consists of two mens singles, one mens doubles and one ladies singles simultaneously. The total of all the points gives the winner.
  • Registration will be on with no exceptions. The team registration fee will be £50 with a £10 registration for each player (or less if a squad of 6 or more is in place). 

  • Counties are recommended to have several squad players over the day. Up to 4 matches a day will take place with men switching between singles and doubles where appropriate. More than one lady is also recommended per team and different players can be used for different matches and over different days.

  • Depending on the number of teams, we may have a pool of 8 (Premier League) and an additional pool of 8 (Championship). The categorisation between divisions will be by team make-up based on ranking / past performances.

  • The winners and 2nd placed teams of the English Racketlon Premier League will qualify for the FIR Champions League 2010 which will form part of a Vienna based competition probably in April 2010. The top two teams in the Championship will be promoted and the bottom two teams in the Premier League relegated (this is subject to change). Participation in the FIR Champions League for Premier League 1st & 2nd placed teams will be partially funded by the English Racketlon Association. Details will be confirmed once the FIR Champions League 2010 is launched.

  • Criteria to play for a county team is either birth in the county, residence in the county or a registration for a local club (any of the four component sports or a racketlon club). This will be required upon registration. 

  • Each team will need to declare a ranking list, based on the UK Rankings and stick to it but can decide for each match who is playing in singles and doubles. The singles has to be in ranking order.