UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Dear English Racketlon Association

This is the 7th time I have played in this tournament and I must say that it did have its challenges. Whilst the venue has been tremendous, the organisation was superlative and the sport very addictive, I only got to play 2 matches over 2 days. This was in my Mens Class A tournament which didn't seem like a lot of games. Anyway thanks so much for organising such a fantastic tournament. I really enjoyed watching such great players and look forward to improving at my lesser sports.

Thanks for trying to arrange a friendly for me with Ray Jordan who also got a walkover on the Sunday but Ray and I have known each other for years from our table tennis playing days at university, so didn't really fancy playing that one. Don't take this the wrong way, I really want the sport to grow, but having travelled to play on Sunday I was hoping to compete for the coveted 13th place. I know I would have beaten Simon May and Jon Foulds anyway, but this is hardly the point as I wanted the workout to keep fit and improve.

Not to worry, I know these things happen but maybe there can be some sort of incentive to complete your Monrad matches, I know there is extra ranking points but is that enough? It just seems a shame that players sometimes don't turn up or pull out. Don't worry I won't complain to the FIR that I only had two matches at least the mixed doubles was fun and we ended up third would you believe! Maybe a £10 deposit can be paid (only refunded in case of injury) and players receive this back having successfully completed their scheduled matches? Food for thought. Some of the events over one day would be good as well, mind you it was good to watch the Mens A & Ladies A final on Sunday afternoon.


Keith Lesser

(Class A - 13th Place by default).

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