UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Entries Closed.......Draws and Schedule will be published on Tuesday

Draws are done, the schedule is being completed. Business is closed for the day (except for the ERA Vice Chairman who is currently formulating the schedule). All draws are full. Congratulations to the organising team, what an effort! What a great event we have to look forward to!

Final entries are as follows:

A sensational 170 (exactly) entries. 2 are already on the waiting lists. There have been some pullouts but their spaces have been filled. There are always pullouts with such a big entry so let us know if you would like to be added to the waiting list (as per the tournament entry page details - English Open Webpage).

Every entrant is guanteed a minimum of 3 matches. We will aim to give more matches wherever possible.

Mens A - 16 - Draw Completed & Published

Mens B & C - 32 in each

Mens D - 8

Ladies A - 8

Ladies B - 12

Mens O45's - 12

Mens O55's - 7

Ladies O45's & U21's - 2 in each

Mens U21's & 16's - 6 in each

Mens U13's - 4

Mens Doubles A - 6 pairs

Mens Doubles B - 4 pairs

Mixed Doubles A - 8 pairs

Mixed Doubles B - 5 pairs