UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Jennings Proves too good in Badminton and Tennis

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Tournament Organiser Jane Cook (with help from the ERA WebMaster) presents a full report below. Watch out for that Gumi!

One Serve in a Gumi! 

The Suffolk Open 2009 Racketlon proved to be a successful affair last Sunday. The Mens C Event was won by Chris Batey who beat Simon Irons on the gumi arm. Unfortunately for Simon no one had told him that you only get one serve, which is why Simon made the brave decision to serve when he won the toss. That was to be his un-doing as the serve was played into the net. Never mind, you live and learn in the world of Racketlon….Local player Mike Muncaster progressed through to the semi-final but was unable to make that final step into the final but came a credible 3rd.   

Watson Reigns Supreme 

The Mens B event was won by Phil Watson. He defeated Alan Rand by 3 points,  winning the table-tennis but losing the badminton to a similar score. The squash and tennis was very close. Matt Lampard came third; winning each of his events against Colin Jones. 

Jennings Takes Second Title in a Row, Lesser Blows 29 Point Lead 

The Mens A event was a competitive affair with Lesser, Jordan, Hartley and Jennings all progressing through to the top four positions. Hartley proved a demon at squash and tennis beating Lesser to 0 in squash and 6 in tennis. Lesser must have thought he had the match in the bag after being 29 points up going into the squash… but it was not to be. Hartley and Jennings competed in the final; they were matched in the table-tennis. However, Jennings was far superior in the badminton and Hartley far superior in the squash. Jennings took the title though needing 19 in the tennis. 

Jordan Fitter than Ever 

Then to the Lesser/Jordan battle for 3rd/4th place… Lesser’s table-tennis proved his weapon. Talking to Brendan Carroll beforehand, Jordan was quoted as to saying “I’m the favourite overall, but the table tennis will be 21-19 either way”. The table tennis proved not to be as per Jordan's prediction and Lesser looks to be one of the best table tennis players on the tour with a crushing 21-13 victory. Jordan pulled this deficit back in the badminton. The points were level going into the squash but Jordan picked up the all important 5 point lead going into the tennis. A tense tennis match resulted in Jordan reaching the 17 point mark at 17-19 to take the 3rd position. In a post match interview, Jordan is quoted as to saying “Keith beat me 3 years ago on a gumi-arm, however that was during the 2006 World Cup and I was eating pies and pasties everyday”. Jordan continues “Now, I am at my lowest ever weight and it gave me the edge. Keith has improved, but it wasn’t enough”.

Cook Dominates and Looks to Win Mens C Event in Dulwich 

The Ladies A event was won by Jane Cook who beat Fiona Sime and Stacey Schab in her league to face her fellow club mate Emily Ison in the Final. Emily had beaten Dianne Barker and Dominque Ford to reach the final. Cook proved too strong an opponent for Ison only needing 2 points going into the tennis to win. This is Cook’s 3rd Domestic Tour title this year and she is working hard to improve her badminton in order to compete with the World’s best ladies at the English Open. Cook’s vast improvement in table tennis shows her fantastic talent (note this was added by the webmaster as Jane is too modest).