UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

South of London Open  - Results & Report

The South London Racketlon Open tournament 2009 has now been played out. What a wonderful, fun, sunny competition we had with some outstanding Racketlon being played...

Click here for the full results spreadsheet & here for event images...

Mens Class A saw the seasoned veterans Keith Lesser and Stuart Hobden battle it out in the final. This could have gone either way on any day but Keith seemed to find a sensational performance. He managed to prevent the great tennis and table tennis player Stuart Hobden from even reaching the tennis, a significant achievement. As Class A finalist last year also Stuart will be disappointed but will no doubt be back with even more determination next year. 

Mark Johnson the highest seed in the group was always one to watch in Mens Class B. He eventually reached the final. However the raft of new players in Mens Class B saw a victory for newcomer Dave Tarr. Dave’s strong squash and tennis was too much for Mark this time so Dave walked away with the title. He will no doubt be knocking on the Men’s A Class door. Watch out!

Yet again a new player to the Racketlon scene walked away with a title. Luiz Jimenez played some strong Racketlon throughout his matches and claimed the South London Mens Class C title. On his way to victory he played an outstanding Lady player, Jane Cook (a strong contender for the Men’s C Class title), but his squash proved to be too good. He played Edmund Kung in the final, an excellent badminton player, but Luiz had an even stronger squash game. It all went fairly evenly into the tennis where Luiz was able to overpower his opponent 21-7.

The Mens Over 45s Class possibly saw the most astonishing victory we are likely to see for sometime. Duncan Marlow, the squash specialist, having lost the table tennis and badminton by 4 and 5 points respectively managed miraculously to completely turn the match around. Most people would have packed their bags to go home after that start but with his Ace of Squash still to be played after the badminton Duncan must have known that it wasn’t quite over! Duncan gave away just one point in the squash and then also astonishingly just one point in the tennis also. Commiserations to Rakesh Gupta but this is Racketlon and it is never over till the final point difference is achieved for victory. Congratulations Duncan on an amazing victory.

This just leaves me to thank everyone for making the tournament such an enjoyable day for all. Special thanks to those players who helped out on the day, Stuart Hobden, Richard Lawrence, Niranjan Shimoga and to Bo Tang who took some photos. Of course this tournament would not have been possible if it hadn’t been for the hard work of Keith Lesser, Gary Tovey and co-organiser Duncan Marlow.

The next tournament in two weeks time on the 11th July, the Sussex Open, will no doubt be a load of fun. Also enter early for the Welsh & English Opens via tournament entry to avoid missing out. So enter a competition for some more Racketlon and watch out for the South London Racketlon Open competition next year...

Best Regards, Paul Mantovani