UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope


The latest 2009 British rankings are out, taking into account the 2009 Carlton & Dunlop English Racketlon Championships results...

After dominating the first event of 2009, Jermaine Manners has strengthened his position as British men's singles number one. Tom Whitehouse, with his excellent performance in reaching the men's singles final, climbs into the top 10.

In the ladies, Natalie Lawrence continues to dominate with her strong points from 'World Tour' events. The next four ladies, Fiona, Dominique, Lorna & Jane, are all very close.

On the expanding Veteran's list, Graham Norton is the number one. Expect his position to be challenged during 2009 by Wingrove Manners, Richard Whitehouse & the winner in Romford, Dave Lazarus.

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UK Rankings Officers: Stuart Hobden & Perry Fung