UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

A Summary of the upcoming racketlon frolics at Romford. The English Championships looks to be the best domestic only event ever. This is outside of the English Open, which is established as the best tournament in the UK. Click here for more info!

A Quick review of the categories:

Mens A

 Looks to be a 16 draw. Jermaine Manners seeded first, followed by Keith Lesser, Simon Whale and Gareth Shaw (based on the UK Rankings). 5-8 will also be seeded (Tom Whitehouse, Oliver Close, Simon May and Stuart Hobden) with the remaining 9-16 allocated to the top 8 highest ranked players. Tom Canning and Richard Colman debutise in the A after recent Class B victories, joining Paul Mantovani who also made a similar step. 

Andrew Hopwood is established in the A class and is joined by veteran Gary Zucconi who makes a return to the sport after impressive performances many years ago. Then we have experienced Veterans players Wingrove Manners and O55's stalwart Richard Whitehouse (who recently reached the World Championship O45's final!). Richard in fact lost in the semi-finals in the O55's but fantastically made the final where he was giving away 10 years to younger players, very impressive indeed. Belgian Frederik Floether finishes off the draw. 

Mens B

Should be a good event with regulars like Hobbs, Donald, Tovey & Healey striving for the title. Alex Hartley who holds a victory over Ray Jordan (but lost to Rhodri Oliver) in the 2007 London Open is probably the favourite. Although possible late entry Eddie Charlton (class C winner at the English Open) may give Hartley a run for his money alongside Nottingham colleague Oliver Jackson.

Mens C/D

It looks like anyone's game here. The Mens D is likely to be merged looking at the current entries but if there is a sudden flood in Mens C, D can be kept seperate. This is likely to be a 16 draw. 


Likely to be an 8 draw. It will be interesting to see Lorna See come up against Rachel Hood if that happens as both are established as top ladies below Natalie Lawrence. Jane Cook is probably the favourite.

Mens O45's

I won't name the slight favourite in my book as he wishes to be kept a secret! Needless to say he talks a good game. Wingrove Manners with Graham Norton and Zucconi will be there or thereabouts. 

Mens O55's 

Hard to see past Richard Whitehouse if he plays. With 5 current entries, Richard may step aside as 4 is better than 5 (draw wise)

Mens Doubles A

6 Current entries. The 4 you see on the web plus Jordan/Shaw & Manners/Manners who will most likely be the top seeds in two groups of 3. There are two spaces to make this event an 8 draw.

Mens Doubles B

3 Current Pairs, including Jermaine Manners and a mystery star guest from Belgium. Others have expressed an interest and a 4 draw at least would be ideal.


A round robin with Frederik Floether the slight favourite over Alex Oliver.


The two entries on the web, plus Dominique Ford and a mystery star guest. Steve Kneller is also in the mix to give a probable 4 draw.

93 entries folks, should be a great event. Thanks for all your support.

The English Racketlon Team