UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope


The latest 2008 British rankings are out, taking into account the 2008 Hampshire Racketlon Open results...


Jermaine Manners is officially the UK number 1.  His victory in the Scottish Open has seen him overtake Ray Jordan. With his excellent performance in Canada Ray may regain his position once this event is added to the World list.

Simon Whale's win in Hampshire has strengthened his position in the top 10 and given he has only played 5 events he will surely be one to watch in 2009. Gareth Shaw has broken into the top 10 after his 3rd place in Hampshire.

With the introduction of more Veteran's events we have started to compile a separate list for this category.  The 2008 events are under review to ensure we have included all the events where a Veteran's event was held.  The first number 1 appears to be Graham Norton thanks to his participation in a number of World Tour Events

Visit the 'Rankings' page to find the full British rankings list

UK Ranking Officers: Stuart Hobden & Perry Fung