UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

This website has changed owners! 2009 English Open Application. from September 18th is no longer owned by "English Racketlon" but is now owned by E Racketlon Association Ltd. The "E" represents English. The Company (limited by guarantee without shareholding) is now set-up with Companies House and will be recognised by the FIR (International Racketlon Association) as the formal organisation of English Racketlon.


Future correspondance, transactions and activities will be through the association, it's officers and members.


Certificate of Formulation


Thanks to Lesser & Co, Chartered Accountants and Financial Services - for their help in this matter.


Shouild Scotland & Wales wish to follow a similar path this is possible.


We expect a glowing announcement in due course on
Now that this is set-up we will update the tailored documents in due course so that we have a bespoke organisation to provide appropriate representation.
The "big 3" (Lesser, Jordan & Foster) have been set-up as directors initially, however clearly we will update this in due course to fall more in line with the documents we already drafted (see the downloads page of This will clearly include prominent roles for the rest of the English Racketlon team.
The 2009 World Tour Application for the English Open has also been submitted to the FIR. This is proposed for 21st-23rd August 2009 at Redbridge Sports Centre. The FIR will publish the full world tour in due course (applications close at the end of September).
Stuart, Ray & Co, we will have a toast in Scotland! Here's the end of the beginning.........and the beginning of the future!