UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

The Swiss Open, The Scottish Open, E Racketlon Association, 2009 Tour & Website Upgrades!

The 2nd most prestigious UK event is coming at the end of the month in Edinburgh, the entry is building and 70-80 players are expected


Ray Jordan & Dominique Ford travelled to Switzerland. Ray finished a credible 13th, but blew his chance to make the semi's. The British number one performed badly in squash after a dream start against table tennis specialist Paul Sach, actually defeating Sach 21-9 at his best sport.


With "English" being disputed as part of the association's formal documentation, the English may need to be removed and simply replaced with E to preserve ERA - E(nglish) Racketlon Association.


We need to finalise the papers this month in order to apply for a full World Tour event in 2009, which is preliminary booked for the 21st-23rd August (one week later) at Redbridge Sports Centre in London. The aim for 2009 is to consolidate internationally and really focus on the domestic tour, expanding the amount of UK venues and particularly expanding the geographic scope of the tour as events are primarily in the south.


However! Note that the best way to drive the tour forward is to run an event with backing from those that have experience. So whilst reading this article, if you are thinking of a racketlon venue locally which has all the facilities, let us know (contact via the ABOUT page).


Also note that the website will be getting a facelift over the next few months. Of particular note is a new application system for UK events. The aim here is to simplify the entry and payment process and bring this "in house". Partner organisation Horizon Solutions are working alongside the English Racketlon team in devising this solution.


The Hampshire Open on November 9th will be launched in due course.