UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

For all you tournament organisers out there! Why not put on a tournament at your local centre?

The attached file automatically moves players names forward to the next round when scores are entered.


Mick Strode's Monrad Draw Master Sheet


Names need to be input into the Round 1 draw but everything is automatic thereafter.

If a player is given a walkover then ‘wo’ (without apostrophes) should be entered as the first game score and the opponent will go forward to the losers’ section as a bye.

I’ve also set the match number backgrounds to red (like what it was) for matches between players who won their previous match, and green for those who lost their previous match.


Have a play.  Try adjusting the score in a round 1 match so that the current loser wins and the names should change all the way!  Have fun.



You can use the 32 player for a 24 or 20 player system – 8 byes will go to the losers section and be paired with the losers so they just skip a round.


Same with a 12 or using the 16 system.


Mick Strode