UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Krenn & Dickert make the final, the Ladies are back on court and guess what Lesser/Lucas are undefeated at squash!

Unbelievable stuff. The Doubles finals will be on Sunday, what an event, Former top 30 world ranked squash player Tim Garner is on the tennis with his Brazilian flatmate in the C Doubles Final, having not lost a point yet in squash!


Simon Lucas defeats Andrea Eide in a very good Mens B first Round - 13-21, 18-21, 21-9, 20-7


Jane Cook & Natalie Lawrence lose out to strong Ladies pairing Martina Kakasova and Linda Jansson from the Czech Republic and Sweden respectively can they be stopped???!!!???



Live Scores Number 3 - Friday End of Day


21-11, 21-19, 19-21, 21-11! +20


I'm off to bed. After waiting for 2 hours in the airport last night for Mikko, Michaela, Anders and Sten to get their baggage. Never mind T5, Stansted is shocking!




See you tomorrow for more live updates.