UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Volunteer Briefing with useful documents

Dear Volunteers
Thanks for helping out this weekend with referee duties and/or covering court responsibles or other tasks.





Attached are timetables showing when you may be either refereeing or covering one of the other tasks which are:


Court Responsible - See attached


Helping Mick with results, scoresheets and calling matches to start


Entering results onto public result sheets, selling t-shirts, general help as usual.


Registering players, taking payment and issuing welcome packs.
It is still likely that more help will be needed, especially for refereeing.I will endeavour not to take up too much of your time. As you can see, Friday is a bit empty. I would really appreciate it if anyone playing/available on Friday can identify time slots they will be able to help out.  Let me know any issues.


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Look forward to seeing you on Friday/Saturday. Let the games begin.......