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With the event now less than 3 weeks away we are getting into the final stages of the tournament build up. All is set for the greatest Racketlon event in the UK with over 200 tournament entries across all categories. Entry is still open, but will be limit

With the event now less than 3 weeks away we are getting into the final stages of the tournament build up. All is set for the greatest Racketlon event in the UK with over 200 tournament entries across all categories. Entry is still open, but will be limited to 250, so either register online at or or both if you are really keen. Active Europe is where you can pay, if you have the appropriate payment card. Alternatively, to pay offline, send a cheque for the appropriate amount (according to the active europe price schedule) made payable to English Racketlon, 170 Coleridge Way, Borehamwood, Herts, WD6 2AT.

Peter Nicol at the English Racketlon Open

Peter Nicol, the former Squash World Number One, will be visiting the English Open on Saturday 16th August 2008 & is taking part in a Racketlon challenge/exhibition match with a top international Racketlon player. Peter already has a good insight into the sport of racketlon & will remain with us for about 6 hours on the Saturday aftertnoon & early evening. It is hoped that the appeal of Racketlon proves infectious & the profile of the sport can be boosted by Peter's continued involvement.

Ladies Wanted! English Open looks to attract more female entries

With only 25 Ladies entries, across all categories, the organisers will be pushing for a big female uptake in the coming week. Remember, all standards are welcome and we have categories to make the event enjoyable for one and all!

Free English Open Entry for Past & Present World Champions

Mikko Karkainnen (Finnish World Champion) is coming to the event, as are most of the top 20 male players in the world

English Open Results will be updated online live!

Mirroring this strong innovation at other 'World Tour' tournaments, the English Racketlon Association now has mobile broadband! This not only means the english open will upload to the internet but that all UK tournaments will now have this capability

Mint Green Organiser Shirts, Tournament Referee's & Physio's

Organiser t-shirts is a new innovation to the UK tour & will be how players can recognise organisers by their distinctive attire, not forgetting our star referees from the english table tennis association and england squash. Additionally we will have physio's available to provide some welcome relief!

New Prize Money Schedule

On the advice of the FIR we have revised the English Open prize money schedule as per below:

Mens Singles 1st. 200 2nd. 100 3rd. 50
Ladies Singles 1st. 100 2nd. 50
Mens Doubles 1st. 200 2nd. 100 3rd. 50
Mixed Doubles 1st. 120 2nd. 60

Trophies/Glassware will also be presented to all winners, runners-up and bronze finishers. Carlton & Dunlop are the main sponsors (Badminton, Squash & Tennis equipment). Teessport are also providing table tennis discounts to interested players (mainly the Butterfly Brand).
Partner Wanted Category

Now with the Introduction of all that lovely prize money for some of the doubles events & the chance to enjoy 3 days of racketlon, that has to be a temptation to enter one of the doubles categories. If you are stuck for an obvious partner, why not enter as 'partner wanted' & leave it up to the organisers to pair you up. If you are coming to the tournament along, it has to be a good way to socialise, if it doesn't bring you the prize money! 

Carlton and Dunlop English Racketlon Open 2008 sponsored by Planancy Project Management Services

The English Open organisation are delighted to announce a sponsorship agreement with Planancy Project Management Services. Planancy was established in 1996 to provide project management services to organisations in the UK. Their business has developed over the years through its unique approach to project management and by targeting client satisfaction. Their goal is to be the best and most innovative project managers in the UK. Planancy aim to achieve this goal by recognising the value of people, using and developing their collective knowledge, by being open-minded and technologically aware, by adapting to a changing environment and by continuously improving the level of satisfaction given to their customers.

Planancy have served many clients from a variety of industries covering construction, manufacturing, railways and power as well as local authorities and other not-for-profit organisations. In fact Planancy have been involved in over 150 projects since 1996 providing a range of services, all of which have contributed to better Clent project management. In summary the services that Planancy offer are Project Planning, Project Control, Programme Critique, Data Management & Progress Reporting, thus offering a unique and innovative service to business and project clients.


For the first time we will be making available for purchase generic racketlon shirts with the website URL displayed on the shirt. Whilst these are not specifically tournament shirts they are very nice shirts (good quality) and will be available to buy at £12. These shirts in the shops are retailed at £15 and that is obviously without any of the racketlon printing so quite a good discount. Pls try and buy one of these shirts to support the newly formed English Racketlon Association and spread the word of the sport. Pls be advised there will be a free t-shirt specifically with the English Open 2008 text on and this is included in the entry fee and entry process.

To pre-order, send a cheque for £12 per shirt with your t-shirt size and name to:


If you haven't already you may want to include your English Open entry fee. Generically £33 for most singles categories and £25 per doubles pair. Pls be advised these are prices for advance payment to guarantee your place in the draw. The tournament certainly advises advance payment as the spaces are filling up and your place is otherwise not guaranteed. Pay online at (goto the racketlon page by selecting racketlon from the sports menu and then click on the english open event, then click on the yellow icon - click to regsiter and fill out the required information). Alternatively send a cheque to the above.

UK Tour Tournament Rating - BRITISH TOUR EVENT - "2.0"

World Tour Tournament Rating - WORLD TOUR EVENT - Prestige Factor - "1.0"

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