UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Jermaine Manners continues to impress by winning the 1st Nottingham Racketlon Competition.

Editor's note: This tournament was a trial at the Park Squash Club in Nottingham which ran a 16 Man Event, inviting around 8 local players and 8 players from the main tour. This event was awarded local rating the for British Rankings and hopes to be part of the mainstream 2009 British Tour.


Jermaine Manners continues to impress by winning the 1st Nottingham Racketlon Competition.


The location for the Nottingham Racketlon must have caused some of the players to wonder how it would work. It was based at The Park Squash Club which has a set of three squash courts with mobile walls; so we were able to move these to accommodate a badminton court and a separate area for the table tennis. This meant the table tennis, badminton and squash could be viewed from the same gallery. The tennis was played outdoors at the neighbouring tennis club.


Jermaine Manners started the competition with an easy 1st round win but then played a world ranked squash player- Charlton. Manners was well up after the badminton and Charlton realised his best chance was not only to win the squash, but to exhaust his opponent. Charlton rarely played a winner, preferring to develop lengthy rallies. Manners managed to win a handful of points but, more importantly, was fit enough to have energy in reserve for the tennis. Manners needed 13 points in the tennis and the final score was 13-20!


In the other half of the draw, Rossin (2nd seed) was beaten by Close in a close match and Wingrove Manners (3rd seed) was beaten by Whelan. Whelan beat Close in the semi-final and Jermaine Manners proved too strong for Hopwood in the other semi final (Manners only needed 10 in the tennis).


In the final Manners seemed to find another gear with an awesome badminton performance and a determined squash effort (20-22, 21-1, 21-19), leaving him requiring only two points in the tennis to win. A crowd of competitors and spectators followed the pair to the tennis to see Manners win the first two points and the title.


The event was a success and I for one am already looking forward to the 2nd Nottingham Racketlon Competition next year.


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