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Written by James Pope

Crucial info for all world ranked racketlon players, following the introduction of an automated ranking system

Enter Your Old ID on ResultReporter Players Corner

Dear English Racketloners, please read the article below from the World Rankings Officer and follow up to ensure your world ranking is correctly accounted for:




In summary:




1) Register on Players corner at / or Log in if registered already


2) When registering put in your old player ID - found here


3) That's it, you have now helped the journey for automated rankings available much quicker after tournaments have finished, job done!!






Following the introduction, for the Easter Cup in Vienna, of Results Reporter, as the primary means of maintaining the Racketlon player database, we have had to deal with the issue of merging ranking results that were earned before the Easter Cup in Vienna, with those that will be earned from that event onwards.




To allow us to merge the results, we needed to create a link between Results Reporter, and the ranking system that was in place before that. This link depends on you entering your 'Old Id' in your Results Reporter player profile, and, until you have done that, the ranking system will treat your old results separately from your recent results - and you may therefore find two entries for yourself in the published rankings.




According to the record we hold on Results Reporter for you, you have not entered an Old Id into your player profile. So, if you earned ranking points in any event from the Swedish Open in January 2007 to the Canadian Open in March 2008, it is important that you update your Old Id as soon as possible, if you want your ranking results to be merged.




In particular, if you are planning to enter the Belgian Open, and you played in either of the recent Easter Cup or Czech Open events, it is very important that you update your Old Id on the player database by Monday midnight, if you want your proper ranking to be taken into account for the seedings of the Belgian event.




Obviously if the first time that you played in a Racketlon event was on or after the Easter Cup in Vienna, in March, then all you need to do is to ensure that you have ticked the box confirming '




Remember it is your responsibility to update your Old Id, and to ensure that it is correct, but you should find that very easy, and quick to do, with the guidance we have given on the players registration page in Results Reporter.



If you do have any problems with Results Reporter then please eMail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and if possible send the eMail from the eMail address you used for registering your player details in Results Reporter (in other words the eMail address to which this eMail has been sent) or give that address in your eMail.




Rankings Coordinator