UK Racketlon
Written by James Pope

We all have our own, very personal reasons for playing Racketlon. It might be the mental challenge of dealing with every point counting, or the physical challenge of four different sports. It might be the desire to learn a new sport, or develop your skills in one you used to play. One reason for...

Written by James Pope

UK Racketlon is delighted to announce the initial dates for the UK Tour, with more events being added in the coming weeks. One of the early highlights will be the World Tour Challenger event, the Nick Matthew Steel City Open in Sheffield in March and we are also able to announce returns to...

Written by James Pope

At the close of play at the Hertfordshire Open, next Sunday (3rd November) at the Letchworth Squash & Tennis Club will be the 2019 UK Racketlon AGM.  All our welcome, whether playing in the event or not.  

The Agenda is as follows:


1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Approval of the Minutes of...

Written by James Pope

After a stunning and hectic couple of days, there are only a few spaces remaining in the 2019 Richard Lawrence Open. 

These are:

Junior Singles - 4 players

Ladies Singles - 3 players

Lottery Doubles - 3 players

Men's Doubles - 4 players

Mixed Doubles - 5 men, 3 women

All entries now via...