UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

The 2018 Super Series began at the 2018 East Midlands Open.  This page will provide the current standings in the Men's Open, Men's Challenger, Ladies Open, Futures and Masters events along with reports for each of the four tournament reports.  The standings will be updated after each event.  


East Midlands Open - Saturday 17th February

Dan Busby opened his account for the 2018 season as he defeated Alex Du Noyer in the final and therefore he is the early leader in the Men's Super Series.  Both Men's B finalists (David Bennett and Mark Green) are inelligible for the Challenger Series as they are ranked in the Top 30, so our early leader in the Challenger Super Series standings is Peter Frobisher.  Jo Shelley claimed the Ladies title, while our two junior winners Will Taylor and Oliver Barton share top spot in the Futures Super Series.  A full report on events from the East Midlands Open can be found here. The next Super Series event is the British Championships (7th & 8th April) at the Parklangley Club, London). 

After Round 1 the full standings in each competition were:

Men's - Ladies - Challenger - Futures


British Championships - Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th April

Leon Griffiths stormed to a second British Championships title while Hannah Boden claimed her fourth consecutive title in a brilliant weekend of Racketlon, you can read about here.  However, both only sit in fourth place in the Men's and Ladies Superseries standings, with Dan Busby retaining the lead virtue of his second place finish, while third place was enough to keep Jo Shelley ahead of Matilda Parslow in the Ladies event. The challenger event is currently headed by Jermaine Manners who finished third in the Men's A at the British Championships, but due to being unranked before the event is still elligible for the Challenger award, Jo Spinks is a close second.  Will Taylor currently leads the Futures series, an event which looks already very tight in 2018, while Jeremy Krzystyniak and Martyn Langston take the early lead in the Master's event, after the British Championships was the first event in this category. 

After Round 2, the full standings in each competition were:

Men's - Ladies - Challenger - Futures - Masters


Staffordshire Open - Sunday 8th July

Three months on from the British Championships, the Super Series reignited with the final two events coming within 2 weeks of each other, first up the Staffordshire Open.  Dan Busby claimed his 17th UK Tour title with (yet another) defeat of Alex Du Noyer in the final, while Hannah Boden claimed her 12th UK Tour title winning a very competative Ladies A.  Dan's lead in the Men's Super Series is almost unassailable, but he will need to play in Manchester to ensure he can seal that crown.  The Ladies super series is far more open, with Jo Shelley leading Matilda Parslow by just 100 points, Hannah sits a further 900 points behind.  With all three ladies due to appear in the final round, this event will be going down to the wire.  The Challenger Super Series is now lead by Jon Spinks who is 160 points ahead of Peter Frobisher after Peter's excellent 4th place finish in Staffs.  Jermaine Manners is just 60 points behind Peter and again all three will be in Manchester looking to seal the Challenger Super Series crown!  There were no changes at the top of the Future's Super Series event, Will Taylor continues to lead, however Ryan Bezer (junior winner in Staffs) and James Vincent (third placed in Staffs) moved into second and third place.  Ryan trails by 700 points and James by 1100 points and both are in Manchester with a chance to dethrone Will.  There were no changes in the Masters Event.  

After Round 3, the full standings in each competition were:

Men's - Ladies - Challenger - Futures - Masters