UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

An important part of the history and development of UK Racketlon is our Roll of Honour.  This encompasses all the players who have:

 This page documents all this information. It is regularly updated, however most files are uploaded at the end of the season. The last update was on 21st November 2017.  


Winners of UK Based Racketlon Events

There have been many winners of our events since Racketlon arrived in the UK in 2002.  The following files detail the winners in every class held at a Racketlon event in the UK as part of the UK or FIR World Tours. This information is correct as of the 30th November 2016. 

Banded Singles - 2002 to 2007    Vets or Juniors 2002 to 2007

Banded Singles - 2008 & 2009    Vets or Juniors 2008 & 2009

Banded Singles - 2010 & 2011    Vets or Juniors 2010 & 2011

Banded Singles - 2012 & 2013    Vets or Juniors 2012 & 2013

Banded Singles - 2014 & 2015    Men's Vets 2014 & 2015       Ladies Vets & Juniors 2014 & 2015

Banded Singles - 2016 & 2017    Vets or Juniors 2016 & 2017


Top UK Racketlon Winners

The winners and number of titles for the Men's A, Ladies A, Men's Vets Titles (all) and Junior Titles Winners (all).  The list includes all the winners of titles in the UK Racketlon - Roll of Honour above.  This information is correct as of the 30th November 2016. 

Men's Elite & Ladies Elite Champions

Combined Vets, Juniors & County Champions


UK World  & European Champions

A number of UK players have won Racketlon World and European Titles.  They are all listed below.  

2017 - European Championships

Barbara Capper & Esther Dubendorfer (Switzerland) - Ladies O40s Doubles
Barbara Capper - Ladies O45's
Barbara Capper & Levante Nandori (Hungary) - Mixed O45s Doubles
Richard Middleton - Men's O50s
Julian Clapp & Graham King (Switzerland) - Men's O60s Doubles
Luke Griffiths - Boy's U16s
David Bennett & Luke Griffiths - Boy's U16s Doubles
Leon Griffiths - Boy's U21s
Hannah Boden - Girls U21s
Hannah Boden & Bettina Bugl (Austria) - Girls U21s Doubles
Great Britain Over 55s - O55s Teams Division
Great Britain Under 16s - U16s Teams Division
Great Britain Under 21s - U21s Teams Division

2016 - World Championships

Barbara Capper - Ladies Over 45's
Barbara Capper & Izzy Tyrrell - Ladies O45's Doubles
Izzy Tyrrell & Emil Bergander (Denmark) - Mixed O45's Doubles
Richard Middleton - Men's Over 50s
Luke Griffiths - Boy's Under 13s
David Bennett & Luke Griffiths - Under 16's Doubles

Hannah Boden & Piers Boden - Under 21's Mixed Doubles
Great Britain 2 - Amateur Teams Division
Great Britain U16s - U16s Teams Division

2015 - European Championships

Hannah Boden - Girls Under 16's
Barbara Capper - Ladies O40's
Leon Griffiths - Boy's U16s
Luke Griffiths - Boy's U13s
Great Britain Over 55's - O55's Teams Division
Great Britain Under 16's - U16's Teams Division
2014 - World Championships

Katie Birt - Girls Under 16's
Piers Boden & Leon Griffiths - Under 16's Doubles
Barbara Capper - Over 45's
Barbara Capper & Sidse Trier (Denmark)- Over 45's Ladies Doubles
Barbara Capper & Rakesh Gupta - Over 45's Mixed Doubles
David Lazarus - Over 50's
Lorna See - Over 55's
England U16s - U16s Teams Division

2013 - World Championships

Alistair Prades & Maarten Joosten (Holland) - Under 16's Doubles
Barbara Capper - Over 45's
Barbara Capper & Rakesh Gupta - Over 45's Mixed Doubles
England 2 - Amateur Teams Division
England O45s - O45's Teams Division
England O55s - O55's Teams Division

2012 - World Championships

Leon Griffiths - Under 13's
Richard Whitehouse - Over 55's
Barbara Capper - Ladies B

2011 - World Championships

David Lazarus - Over 45's
Calum Reid - Men's Elite

2009 - World Championships

Richard Whitehouse - Over 55's

2006 - World Championships

Ken Bound - Over 55's
Katy Buchanan & Calum Reid - Elite Mixed Doubles
Calum Reid - Under 21's

2005 - World Championships

Ken Bound & Leopold Llle (Austria) - Over 55's Men's Doubles
Calum Reid - Under 21's

2004 - World Championships

Sarah McFayden - Ladies Elite
Calum Reid - Under 21's  


England/Great Britain Caps

National Team Caps

Every player who has played for England or Great Britain and the number of caps they have won for each team.  A cap counts as a match played within the team championships.  From 2002 to 2014 players in this list competed as "England".  Since 2015, the teams have been entered as "Great Britain". 


National Team Results

England & Great Britain Team Results

Since the first National Team Championships in 2002 through to the 2016 World Team Championships, the UK has sent a range of squads to these events.