UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope



This event is for players of all levels and ages and you can see a list of categories on the events tab on FIR Tournament Software.

This is an FIR event.  This is a world ranking event and therefore a FIR licence is required.  The FIR delegate is Hans Van Daele and the assistant delegate is Luke Barnes. Entry will take place through the FIR website at or by contacting the tournament organisers.  If you are entering the non-World Tour taster event, then entry can be found here


The publishing of entry names is not instant. This will be downloaded and published every couple of days.

The entry fees are given in British Pounds, and are as follows:

£51.50 for one singles category

£35 for one junior singles category

£81.50 for two singles categories (non juniors)

£68.50 for one open singles category AND one junior singles category

£51.50 for two junior singles categories

£17.50 per doubles category

Please note though-the system cannot process disocunts, so you will need to pay full price at the time of entry and you will receive a refund in due course. This won't be instant, but we'll do a sweep every couple of weeks.

Each player can enter a maximum of 2 singles and 2 doubles events. There are also one or two other restrictions:

Players can enter only one open category (Men A-E and Women A-B)

Everyone in an open category will have 4 matches guaranteed (as long as the entry is 16 or more for that category)

Players entering two 'over age' categories must enter two consecutive age bands. Example-a player can enter Over 45 and Over 50, but NOT Over 50 and Over 60.

There will be prize money awarded for the A grade categories. The amounts are based on a percentage of the entry fee. Please refer to to see the specific percentages.  We regret that we will not be able to refund any entry fee on a cancellation less than 2 weeks away from the competition day. Entries are guaranteed 4 scheduled matches in singles and 2 scheduled matches in doubles We will schedule more matches where the schedule allows us to do so.